Ukrainians are free people

The Bank Lviv Charity Fund presents the “Free Land” program.

The goal of the program is to provide comprehensive support to solve the problem of demining Ukrainian lands.

The retreating enemy mines cities and villages, roads and bridges, fields and forests. Right now, the heroic mine clearance teams, risking their lives, are defusing the danger lurking near us. This treacherous war will not end until the last shell has exploded.

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Joint with the State Emergency Service, Course of identification of explosive objects.

The Foundation's key project is assistance in demining Ukraine. It is aimed at humanitarian, economic and environmental areas. Teaches civilians how to handle potentially explosive objects in de-occupied areas.

The primary goal of the "Free Land" program is to provide mine clearing units with the necessary equipment and gear to detect, neutralize and destroy explosive devices in the formerly occupied territories.

Join our community! Together we will free Ukraine from the wreckage of evil! We will win!

To support the demining program for de-occupied areas "Free land",
transfer funds according to the following details:

Transfer funds
by IBAN bank details

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from your own card
Visa, Mastercard

identifiers trained
courses held
sapper sets transferred

To join the Fund's team as a volunteer for the "Free Land" program and support our mission with your actions, time and knowledge, please provide your contact details, and we will give you a call.